The Problem

‘Racism,’ ‘racial tension,’ ‘unrest’ — words that have become all too familiar because of recent events.

Places like Ferguson, Baltimore, and Charlottesville are being etched into our national and even global consciousness.

The sad fact is that suspicion and hatred because of skin color is alive and well. This is a blight on a civilized people. As we look to political leaders and even search within our own souls, there is no easy solution in sight.

Our own history shows that the problem of racial hatred will not be solved by best intentions, hopes, and wishes.

The Solution

Although the problem of racism won’t be solved easily, it can be solved. But maybe not the way you think.

The answers are found in God’s Word, the Bible.

The Bible teaches that there is no such thing as “race,” that all humanity is related, and that we are all descendants of two original parents. The shades of skin, cultural differences, and different languages we see today are all explained by the human history recorded in the Bible.

The solution to the problem of race is a biblical understanding of our origins; and this understanding is the key to reconciliation, unity, & love amongst people from every nation, tribe, and tongue.

The Museum

What can be done to proclaim the good news that God’s Word has the answer to racism?

In God’s timing and in His will, we will build a museum of biblical human history in the heart of Ferguson, Missouri.

In the summer of 2014, Ferguson was infamously “put on the map” when a tragedy sparked a racial firestorm. The events that followed are remembered by many and turned Ferguson, and greater St. Louis, into a racial hot bed.

Our hope is that a museum in this strategic and memorable location will illustrate the biblical truth that all people belong to one human race (Acts 17:26), and that this truth provides the solution to the problem of racism that plagues our society.